Over The Hill Commute Group

Mountain roads

The Over The Hill Commute Group
is a Ham Radio Net
mainly in the Treasure Valley of Idaho (Boise and surrounding communities)

Established 1996

This Net meets each weekday morning at 7:10 local time in Boise, ID - currently on the 146.840- 100hz.

The “Over The Hill Commute Group Net” http://www.othcg.net/
This is an informal directed net. The purpose of the net is a place where new or old HAM Radio Operators can meet and get to know each other. There are no topics. You can talk about most anything. It is a way to get to know each other.
We have a list of regular check-ins. You can join the list by contacting W7DVR. Because it is in the morning, many check-ins may be during a commute. They may hear the same people talking during their commute. Check the time and let the net manager Doug W7DVR know where you would like to be added to the list.
If you have not checked in for a long time, you may be removed from the list. You may be added to the list again when you want and are able to check in often.
Helpful Information:
1: Please keep your comments in the range of, not much more than 3 minutes.
2: Please keep in mind there is a Net Control operator. This person is in control and please respect the order they would like to have the net run. They will call the call signs of the next person to check in. They will try to leave a short time between calls for someone to break in, if needed. Please just give your call sign and they will respond to you. Please don’t try to jump in between calls and start talking. When this happens, often you and someone else will be talking at the same time and it may be that no one can be heard.
3: Please follow the FCC rules and be sure to ID at the end of your time. Many times, people will make a comment or end their time and forget to ID. It is not the Net Control’s responsibility to remind you to give your call.
4: Please do your best to be courteous and kind.
Any comments or complaints can be sent to Doug W7DVR at: d@w7dvr.com

Programing Books

This Picnic has been canceled until the Pandemic is not a threat!

This year (2020) we will have a BREAKFAST - PICNIC in a Boise Park. When and what day is yet to be decided. It will be a potluck affair.
You can suggest a Date and Time and a Park by sending an e-mail to d@w7dvr.com.
I will publish the suggestions and we will make a final decision as soon as we get enough information and suggestions.

Call Name City
W7WDB Bill Nampa
KB7PLN Lonnie Kuna
K7NQB Nick Boise
KE6FDI Myron Mt. Home
N9SKI Jim Boise
AE7XG Dave Kuna
WJ7S John Eagle
AG7GM Dan Middleton
KE7S Ron Garden City
N7OCC Mike Caldwell
NA7ID Ted Maridian
NA7MS Andrew * Eagle
W7IMC Scott Kuna
KO7OK Mike Eagle

Break for


for anyone who needs it

KJ7MJM Ross Meridian
KI7SIN Rochon Nampa
K7HGH Hugh Nampa
KJ7FEO Chris Caldwell
KD7TWW Vince Boise
KJ7BJS Kevin Caldwell
KJ7NCV Howard Emmitt
W7DVR Doug Boise
KD7FQS Dale Emmett
WA5VAH Bryan Meridian
WA7ZIT John Meridian
KB7ZOZ Penny Mt. Home
KD7RMB Butch Mayfield
W7LBD Larry Caldwell
KJ7IRZ Glen Emmett
KE7TQE Todd Nampa

Break for


or for any other reason




N7AL Al Boise
N7ALU Allen Boise
W7CBS William Meridian
KJ7CEO Deborah Sandpoint
KI7CFR Corvin Syracuse
KI7CZR Gordon Boise
KD7EDR Al Boise
KJ7EHZ Stacey Star
KE7FIX Fred Caldwell
W7FSI Gary stanley
K7JHS/W7FV James Coburg
KK6JKI Joe Meridian
K7JS Benjamin Mesa
KI7K Richard Star
KF7LOH Josu Caldwell
K6LOR A J Middleton
KJ7NCV Howard Emmett
K7OD James Caldwell
KI7PSO Tony Emmett
KI7PXR Lyle Nampa
KC7RAN Joseph Boise
KJ6RIX Alberto Huntington Beach
KA7UOR Zane Boise
W7WBB Bill Las Vegas
WA7ZAF Chris Mt. Home
KC7ZOO Cathy Eagle

Net Control:
Monday - NA7MS - Andrew
Tuesday - N7OCC - Mike
Wednesday - K7NQB - Nick
Thursday - W7DVR - Doug
Friday - KB7ZOZ - Penny

Past members by callsing suffix (Not complete)

KF7ADG Rick Garden City
K7AIQ Ron King Hill
KD7AJK Roger-SK Sunnyslope
N7AL Al Boise
N7ALU Alen Boise
K7AQH Dale Meridian
KC7AXQ Domingo Greenleaf
K7BDS John - SK Boise
KG7BQC Josiah Boise
AC7BF Frankie Boise
KG7BQC Josiah Boise
K7BSU Roger Boise
KI7BUM John Caldwell
W5BWP Danny (Trucker)
KE7CEA Dean Meridian
W7CES Craig Eagle
KB7CFL Bruce Meridian
KD7CKC Toni Nampa
K7CNH Charles Boise
KJ7CVZ Roger Boise
AC6CY Lynn Nampa
AF7CY Scott Kuna
KF7DDT Boyd Nampa
K7DFA Dale Boise
KG7DQO Tony Wendell
WB7DTU Jon King Hill (mobile)
AC7DV Hank Marsing
WT7E Bob Meridian
KD7EDR Al Boise
KF7ENU Travis Boise
N2EIP Jean Emmett
KF7ETM Jeff Meridian
W7EZA John Meridian
KE7FIX Fred Caldwell
KD6GCL Doug Boise
KI7GLR Spencer Boise
KF7GMT Chuck Boise
KD7GRQ David Boise
W7HDI Fran Boise
KE7HNA Austin Middleton
KE7HNC Emily Caldwell
N6HOE Henry Caldwell
W7HU Rob Nampa
WK7I Tyler Caldwell
N7IDF Mike Boise
KE7IDI Julie Garden City
N7IDO Matt Boise
KF7IIO Fred Boise
KK7IL Jeff Star
W7IMC Scott Kuna
KD7IYB Bill Twin Falls
N7IZT Bill - SK
KJ7IZY Robert Boise
KF7JBS Calvin Kuna
AG7JL Curtis Meridian
K4JUL Brian Star
W7JWO Sam Boise
KD7JWQ Rich Sunny Slope
W7KAU Dick Council
N7KNT Roger Boise
KD6KPD Jerry Meridian
KI6KPY Tony Caldwell
ND7L Don Nampa
KF7LDR Alex Twin Falls
KE7LCL John Boise
KD7LHV DeAnn Sunny Slope
K6LOR A.J. Nampa
W7LPN Rick Boise
K7LTC Bart Garden City
W0LVJ Mike Twin Falls
K7MAI Walter Paul
K7MDI Mike Jerome
Bob Kuna
NA7MS Andrew Eagle
KJ6MSK Andy Caldwell
N7MTB Mike Boise
KF7MZV Bruce Star
KC7NAY Richard Meridian
KD7NGT David Star
K7NQB Nick Boise
K7NSW Richard Meridian
AE7NT Rockwell Salmon
KC7NYI Ken Boise
N7OCC Mike Caldwell
KE7ODX Bruce Emmett
KD7OFH Ashley Nampa
KD7ORH Darrel Caldwell
KJ6PBX Brian Nampa
KF7PGT Chris Nampa
KB7PLN Lonnie Kuna
KD7PRA Richard Emmett
KC7PWO Charles Boise
KF7QAU Brian Nampa
KE7QEH David Boise
KC7R Jeff Boise
W7RAZ Raz McCall
KD7RBX Hoot Caldwell
W7RET John Boise
K4RGA Roger Columbus, GA
W1RGB Robert Ontario/Roseburg, OR
KE7RL John Albion
KD7RMB Butch Boise
W7RMK Richard Emmett
KE7RTL Rick Meridian
KI7SAG Frank Nampa
W7SDG Dan Boise
AD7SH Lee Jerome
KI7SIJ Dahmen Meridian
KC7SME Dan Boise
N1SRC Eric Kuna
KD7SRD Chad Nampa
KI7SYP Troy Nampa
K7THF Terry Twin Falls
K7TIH Gary Boise
KA6TLY Patrick SK Boise
KE7TQE Todd Caldwell
KA5TRA Melvin Boise
KC7TRR Ted ?/td>
KF6TSD Steven Boise
KB7TVI Roy Fruitland
AH6U Sandy Emmett
KA7U Ron Ontario
N7UAA Rob Payette
K7UAC Ed Meridian
KG7UKM Steven Boise
KG7UKN Robinson Boise
KG7UKO Tanner Boise
KG7UKQ Alan Boise
KA7UOR Zane Boise
W5USN John SK Boise
KH7V Don Emmett
KE7VDI Tracy Mt. Home
WA7VEF Jay Nampa
W7VEOJon SK Marsing
WB7VEQ Steve Nampa
AC7VG Grant SK Parma
N7VOI Tom Jackpot
KE7WDN Dale Meridian
K7WHB Bill Robie Creek
KB7WWW Luke Boise
WA7WYU Ryan Sunny Slope
AE7XG Dave Kuna
KE7YEM Frankie Garden City
W7YFX Arden Boise
N7YLN Tony Council
KF6YNC Marlene Marsing
N7ZFE John Boise
W7ZAZ Jim Marsing
N7ZHS Lowell Emmett
KI7ZQN Dan Boise
WA7ZZS Larry Caldwell
Updated 09/10/20