Over The Hill Commute Group Web Site Costs

The folowing costs I have incurred or will need to incurrer to run and mangage the Over The Hill Commute Group Web Site.

I am reluctant to bring this up, but I may need some help to manage these expenses.

I have incurred these type of expenses over time and as cost of living keeps increasing, I am hopping some of you might help me with these costs.

There is no tax deductions. No credits. Just a greatful guy.

Total Donations to date = $60.00 - THANK YOU!

Photo editing tool = Inpixio Photo Studio 11 $79.99/ year
File viewer plus Paid - Thanks
Code Lobster pro version annual updates cost Paid - Thanks
PositiveSSL 1 year = 82.95 total 82.95
2 years = 59.95 total 119.90
3 years = 59.95 total 179.85
4 years = 59.95 total 239.80
5 years = 41.99 total 209.95
Hosting plan 57.88 / yr
DNS Paid - Thanks

If I receive funds for any or all of the above items I will remove them from this list. I hope this would reduce the possobile of dublicate donations. If there is a dublicate, I will send back the donation.

Rather than put up a Paypal / Vinmo / orther method... Please just send a check or money order to:

Doug Rich
2025 North Regal Dr.
Boise, ID 83704
208 571-46085

Many Thanks

Doug W7DVR

Updated 08/01/22

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