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Master Visual Basic 4 Second Edition Sams Publishing
Teach Yourself Visual Basic 3.0 in 21 Days Sams Publishing
Visual Basic 4.0 Ventana
Scalable SQL Btrieve Technologies
Visual C++ Getting Started Microsoft
Complete Turbo C Strawberry software
Turbo C Memory-Resident Utilities, Screen I/O abd origrannubg techniques Al Stevens
ODBC Interface Reference Manual Pervasive
ODBC Interface Reference Manual Btrieve Technologies
Btrieve for Windows NT/Windows 95 Installatin and operation Btrieve Technologies
How to Work With Btrieve Technologies Btrieve Technologies
Scalable SQL Reference Guide to SQL Btrieve Technologies
The Source Book Volume Two Companion Products and Services Smithware, Inc
Understanding C Bruce H. Hunter SYBEX Computer Books
Running Visual Basic for Windows Second Edition - Ross Nelson Microsoft
The Practical SQL Handbook Third Edition - Using Structured Query Language Addison-Wesley
Teach yourselft CGI Programming with Perl in a week Eric Herrmann
Using Turbo C Programming Series Borland-Osborne/McGRAW-HILL
The C Toolbox Second Edition Ready-to-Run Programs in Turbo C, Microsoft C and Quick C Addison-Wesley
Pascal User Manual and Report Secon Edition - Kathleen Jensen, Niklaus Wirth Springer - Verlag
Supercharging C with Assembly Language Harry R. Chesley - Mitchell Waite Addison-Wesley
C Programmer's Library QUE
Teach yourself JAVA in 21 days Laura Lemay and Charles L. Perkins
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