AL-811 Linear Amplifiier

AL-811 Amp

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The AL-811 is a grounded grid linear amplifier developed by Ameritron using low cost 811A power triodes. It operates in class AB2 for SSB and CW.

Fast Warm Up Times:

The 811A tubes take approximately 3 seconds to warm-up.

Long Tube Life:

The 811A tubes are long life, reliable transmitting tubes. 811A tubes offer rugged, reliable operation even on RTTY and SSTV.

Tuned Input:

A Pi-Network tuned input matches the 811A to 50 ohm exciters.

Two Illuminated Panel Meters:

The AL-811 has two illuminated panel meters. The Grid Current meter provides a continuous reading of the 811 grid current to indicate proper loading of the amplifer. The other meter switches between high Voltage (HV) and Plate Current (Ip).

Safety Interlock:

Removes AC from the unit when the cover is removed. Never attempt to defeat this switch.

Operate/Standby Switch:

Unsed to remove the amplifier from the RF line while filament and plate voltages are maintained for "barefoot operation".

XMT Indicator LED:

Provides a front panel indication of proper amplifier keying by the eciter during operation.

ALC Voltage:

The edrive level is detected to provide a negative control voltage for the exciter. ALC preevents overdriving the linear and reduces distortion from excessive drive power.


This amplifier must be disconnected from the power mains before removing the cover.
See the percaution on page 7.


Frequency Coverage

Domestic model (AL-811): 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17 and 15 meter bands.


Circuit type: Pi-Network, slug tuned coils
Maximum VWSR at resonance: 3.1:1
Minimum 2:1 VSWR bandwidth: 15%
Maximum drive power permissible: 100 watts
Typical drive for rated output: 75 watts


Curcuit type: Pi-Network
1/2 hour carrier: 400 watts
30 second carrier: 550 watts
1/2 hour PEP two tone: 600 watts
30 seconds PEP two tone: 600 watts
Efficiency: TYPICALLY 65%

Power Supply

Circuit type: full wave bridge
Full load current: 550 mA
Regulation: 12%
Maximum draw at rated output: 8A


Multimeter: reads HV and plate current
Grid meter: reads PA grid current


Relay: keys amplifier when grounded. Sources +12 VDC open circuit and supplies 100mA when grounded. A built-in pulse canceling diode protects the exciter.
RF input: SO-239, 50 ohmm input.
RF output: SO-239, 50 ohms needed with full power, will load into any SWR below 3:1 at recuced power output.
Power: NEMA 15-15P 120V gpimded style.


Dimensions: 16" D x 13 3/4" W x 8"
Weigh: 30 lbs.

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